"Leuven, that's coming home! And yet we are constantly discovering new things"

Bjorn & Jens, born in Leuven, born to enjoy life.

23 March 2023

Bjorn and Jens know Leuven like the back of their hands. Although they now live outside Leuven, not a week goes by without a visit to their home town. So they have no shortage of favourite addresses. “Here we know our way around, the people, the great places where you get quality. That has many advantages. It feels familiar. And the coolest thing? We see immediately when there’s something new. A new shop or somewhere to eat.”

Shoppen met Bjorn & Jens

Our motto? Taste and discover!

“The location, the friendly service and the varied cuisine!” Bjorn and Jens are clearly fans of Sud Sud bistro. The food sharing is particularly popular. “At first you think: perhaps it’s not quite my thing, but then you taste it and discover how special it is. It all fits nicely together: the interior, the atmosphere, the hostess who always gives us a warm welcome.” And do you have any other favourites? “Certainly, there is plenty of choice, we like to try out the new addresses. The Taj Mahal en Wabi Sabi in Muntstraat, the My Thai in Dirk Boutstraat, New Holy Cow in Naamsestraat – a bit more expensive, but what quality...” Their love of Oriental cuisine is unmistakable. But Jens and Bjorn also have a soft spot for the budget-friendly restaurant the Optimist - “for the menu that changes frequently and for the friendly, casual atmosphere.”

Shoppen met Bjorn & Jens

Unique clothing that not everyone is wearing

When it comes to fashion, Bjorn and Jens have distinct preferences. “Of course, we are familiar with established institution Portobello. We pop in now and again, if only because of the beautiful interior. The range there is more classic, but even when you are not looking for a tailor-made suit, you will still find something to your taste there.

Leuven really does have great shops for men, another one being Wear. For example, in this local shop you will find a wonderful collection of clothes that they put together themselves. It is unique clothing that not everyone wears. And since we like to wear new things, we also shop there regularly. We can also recommend Harvest Club. Fair fashion in style.”

Shoppen met Bjorn & Jens

There is always something going on

“When friends visit from far away, we like to show them ‘our city’: the Grote Markt and Saint Peter’s Church, for example, with the painting of The Last Supper by Dieric Bouts,” says Jens. Bjorn adds: “My secret tip is the Botanical Garden. An ideal place to catch up with friends, just sitting on a bench, it’s cosy and not too busy. Or the exhibition in the Library tower and, of course, the magnificent view from the top!”

Shoppen met Bjorn & Jens

Leuven: nowhere better than home

You can get Bjorn and Jens out of Leuven, but you can never get Leuven out of Bjorn and Jens. “We live about 20 minutes from here. When we come here, we usually park at the Vaart, that’s convenient. Leuven is and remains our home base. In Leuven we really still do have that familiar, cosy feeling of home. We see friends again, meet new people and enjoy going out. A drink on a terrace, then a nice meal. Fantastic, right?”