Hal 5, urban vibes on the periphery of Leuven

From abandoned railway premises to a bustling place to be: the transformation that Hal 5 has undergone in recent years is spectacular. This hidden gem is one of the favourite meeting spots of the locals, but it is also a wonderful place to spend time as a visitor. Discover why Hal 5 is definitely worth a visit.

6 June 2023

Hal 5 is one of the former Central Workshops of the railways that have been given a new purpose in recent years. The hall is located just outside the centre of Leuven, a five-minute walk from the station, and is gradually becoming one of the most popular hotspots for those who want to hang out for an afternoon. What does Hal 5 have to offer?

Space to move

Hal 5 is located in the heart of a cosy residential area, and yet it offers plenty of space. The large lawn is the perfect place for a football match, a game of Kubb or a game of frisbee. On the square next to the former hall, children can cycle to their hearts’ content or you can practise your roller skating skills again. In the mood for a more demanding challenge? Hal 5 is home to a state-of-the-art area for fans of parkour. Every Sunday afternoon, Leuven’s parkour heroes open their doors and you can come here to train freely.

The sun on your face... and on your plate

The greatest asset of Hal 5 is undoubtedly its terrace. Plentiful seating, picnic benches, deckchairs and... the sun. Thanks to its south-facing location, you can catch both the first spring sun and the last warmth of autumn. What makes Hal 5 even more enjoyable is the food court that you will find there. Sustainable cuisines with Neapolitan sourdough pizzas, Palestinian falafels, original ice creams and an extensive selection at the bar: the world’s tastiest delicacies with the sun on your face - it doesn’t get any better than this!

A browsing paradise

Hal 5 also houses Camping Flamingo. Camping Flamingo is an original mix of a garage sale and a local craft market. You will find second-hand items there as well as jewellery, illustrations, clothes, etc. designed by Leuven’s creative minds. In addition, many other markets and stock sales are organised in Hal 5. Check the agenda or just come along and let yourself be surprised!

And finally, did you know that Hal 5 is located on the route of the street art walk through Leuven?

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Hal 5 foodcourt