Tips from rebel Jochem

Jochem Daelman is one of the founding members of Onkruid Studio. It combines expertise in architecture, marketing, music, and culture to make creative interventions in cities.
7 May 2021

"Stelplaats is the free haven that Leuven needed."

  • Stelplaats, an open house for the young in Leuven. It offers a place to experiment, test, relax and organize. With rehearsal space for musicians, a skate park, workshops and more.

  • Bar Stan, a trendy neighbourhood bar with drinks & breakfast-lunch-diner.

  • Optimist, foodsharing and original dishes from all over the world. With great drinks and a big outside terrace.

  • PLEK, interior, DIY, coffee in Mechelsestraat.

  • Wear, streetwear of French and Scandanavian brands, for women and men.

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