Tips from taxidermist Jeroen

Jeroen Lemaitre is passionate about taxidermy, the art of stuffing animals and insects. In 2014 he decided to inspire others with unique creations and started his own business in Leuven. He loves it when his creations evoke a wow effect on passers-by and customers.

11 May 2021

"The Zoological Institute is a hidden gem with an exquisite collection."

Jeroen spends a lot of time in this shop Animaux Spéciaux, but where does he lunch and shop?

  • De Optimist at Vismarkt, for a delicious brunch (monthly, every first Sunday).

  • Botanical garden: the eldest of its kind in Belgium with hidden garden and ponds.

  • Stelplaats an open house for youngsters with rehearsal spaces for musicians, a skate park, wood & metal workshops.

  • HELT, sustainable and high-quality fashion for men.

Want to stay near one of Jeroen’s favourite places? Take a look at Leuven’s many hotels here.

Zoölogisch Instituut

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