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Leuven is the playground of artist Hans Geyens. His favourite pastime is wandering through the streets of Leuven, looking for inspiration. He loves Leuven's mix of history and contemporary. And everything in between.

11 May 2021

"Leuven offers a forum for creative people."

  • Swartehond, an oasis of tranquillity in the heart of Leuven, serving not only coffee but also smoothies, shakes, juices or bagels for lunch.

  • Leuven Central, a pub with a cosy wooden interior where everyone can enjoy a beer.

  • Café Entrepot, the café of arts centre OPEK, a mixture of trendy and cosy in the Vaartkom. s.

  • Twits, skate & streetwear and all the skate necessities.

  • Trash Life, contemporary streetwear, spray cans, markers, books...

Want to stay near one of Hans’s favourite places? Book a room at Ibis Leuven Centrum or Martin's Klooster. That way you are within walking distance of his favourite shops and bars.

Skatepark Casablanca | Hans Geyens

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