Discover the heart of the abbey

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Wander through the cloisters and stumble on unique 17th century art treasures

The abbey’s historic cloisters have been recently restored. Immerse yourself in the philosophy and history of the abbey and the Norbertine order.

Highlights are the unique stucco ceilings dating from the 17th century and the work of Jan Christian Hansche, along with the corridor featuring 20 magnificent and majestic reinstated stained-glass panels from the 17th century, created by Leuven glass artist, Jan de Caumont. These pieces are celebrated and protected today as key examples of Flemish heritage.

Tickets to the cloisters also include admission to the PARCUM museum. Explore the permanent collection and themed temporary exhibitions on display at PARCUM, too.

PARCUM temporary exhibition 'On the MOve'

Between 6 May 2021 and 28 August 2022, PARCUM will be hosting the themed exhibition 'On the move'.

Guided tours for groups

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