Tips from artist Pieter

Artist Pieter Janssen is mostly a scenograph, set designer and sculptor for movies, theatre and museums. He always liked to craft and sculpt and he still loves the fact that he could make it his profession. He's inspired by the lively neighbourhood.

11 May 2021

"The Vaartkom is Leuven is so inspiring for an artist."

Pieter's workshop is located in the Vaartkom. But you can run into him at a lot of other places in Leuven.

  • Alfalfa, for the tasty Palestine falafels.

  • Café Commerce, for a great spaghetti (still homemade by the mother of one of the managers).

  • ViaVia traveller café, to spend some time in the holiday ambience.

  • Think Twice, secondhand store with an excellent selection.

Want to stay near one of Pieter’s favourite places? Take a look at Leuven’s many hotels here.

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