Ground-breaking university

As a city of knowledge and innovation, Leuven and its university have been closely linked for centuries. The cityscape is partially defined by the impressive University Library, the University Hall, and the numerous colleges and faculties.

The historic University Hall

Koffie drinken in de Universiteitshal

Welcome to the heart of KU Leuven, the University Hall. Every year, thousands of students come here to register for the new academic year. Come soak up the ambience in the historic Museum Room. You can visit the cosy coffee bar and the university shop there, too.

A symbol of Leuven's university: the University Library

Bezoek fototentoonstelling Universiteitsbibliotheek

The impressive University Library, with its 87-metre-high tower, serves as one of Leuven’s landmarks. After the original library was destroyed during the First World War, this monumental building was completed in 1929. A captivating photo exhibition takes you through the building’s history. Climb through the tower’s five floors and be rewarded with a panoramic view across Leuven.

Come soak up the ambience in the Grand Reading Room

Leeszaal in de Universiteitsbibliotheek

Another must-see while you’re visiting the University Library is the Grand Reading Room. The wooden bookshelves form an impressive decor for the students who come to study here or consult the reference works. In addition to the Grand Reading Room’s collection of books – approximately 20,000 all told – there is an even larger number of historical books and valuable reference works stored here.

Unique Anatomical theatre dating back to 1744

Interieur van het Anatomisch theater

A stunning octagonal building stands across from the Botanical Garden. This is the Anatomical theatre, founded in 1744 with the goal of creating the perfect conditions for researching the human body. The high windows allowed sufficient light to get in, while the students could watch everything being done on the dissection table from the wooden bleachers. Two smaller rooms served as a storage room and a stock room.

Health House: new horizons in health technology

Interactieve beleving in Health House

The upcoming Health House project interactively demonstrates the future of health and healthcare. Learn more about the ground-breaking technologies and high-tech innovations, as well as their applications in the medical world. Health House highlights this state-of-the-art technology that is being developed and applied in and around Leuven.