Cultural highlights in Leuven

Art and culture enthusiasts love Leuven. M Leuven brings together old and new art in surprising ways. In Saint Peter's Church, The Last Supper by Dieric Bouts is the biggest attraction.

Museum M Leuven

Zicht op het terras van M Leuven

M Leuven showcases an enticing mix of both old and new art inspired by Leuven’s versatility. The focus is on the production of art in and around Leuven from the Middle Ages to the 19th century. The building itself is a marriage of contemporary architecture and a historic property.

Park Abbey

Zicht op Abdij van Park met vijvers

Park Abbey has been constantly inhabited by the Premonstratensians since 1129. Experience the unique ambience of this peaceful area just outside of Leuven. The abbey's authentic character has been particularly well preserved because the buildings and the interior of the monastery have remained practically unchanced since the 17th century.

Some parts of the abbey are still closed to the public due to the ungoing restoration work.

  • Price: 12 euros per person
  • Included in the ILUVLeuven Ticket (choose between M Leuven and Park Abbey)

'The Last Supper' by Dieric Bouts

Het Laatste Avondmaal van Dieric Bouts in de Sint-Pieterskerk

Dieric Bouts belonged to the Flemish Primitives and created this masterpiece in 1468. The new mixed reality experience brings 'The Last Supper' and other works in the church back to life.

  • Entrance to the church is free
  • Augmented reality experience on tablet or visitor's guide: 5 euros
  • Mixed reality experience with the hololens: 12 euros
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