Beer experiences

Leuven on tap

Organisation: Leuven Leisure

The guide-beer connoisseur takes you into town, its bars, past and present. You taste five local beer in different bars. A chocolate and beer pairing session is included.

Fridays: 20:00 • Saturdays: 14:00
Start: Leuven Leisure, Tiensestraat 5
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Leuven BeerWalk

Organisation: BeerWalk

Discover the charming, located on the Dyle, city of Leuven in three hours. Learn how to taste beer with a guide who takes you along the hidden bars and forgotten microbreweries. 5 beer tastings of different beers and an official BeerWalk glass are included in the price.

Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays: 14:00
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Beer hopping in Leuven

With Google Maps

Are you ready for a tour along traditional pubs, contemporary beer pubs, historical locations and breweries? Spiced up with juicy facts on beer and cool stories to share at the bar? This tour allows you to explore the rich beer and brewing history of Leuven on foot, by bicycle or by step.

Free digital tour: Google Maps

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