Locals about Park Abbey: Sofie

De dochter en echtgenoot van Sofie op Erfgoeddag.

“Untouched yet close to the city”

Sofie and her family live close to Park Abbey. “We’re really city people, but very much enjoy wandering around the Abbey."

Sofie, 31, has been coming to the Abbey since she was a child. “My school was close to Park Abbey. After school, we often stopped by the Abbey on our way home. We’d bike here, lie in the grass... It was a delightful time. Sometimes we wouldn’t get home until late,” she laughs.

Nowadays, Sofie likes to jog around the Abbey, as well as take walks here with her family. “We’re really city people, but very much enjoy wandering around the Abbey. Wouter and I really enjoy the peace and quiet and historic feel. It’s untouched yet close to the city,” adds Sofie.

Sofie likes to make a day of it. “We come here with our daughter and walk along the ponds. We then stop by De Abdijmolen for pancakes or ice cream. I also often eat lunch here together with my colleagues from UCLL,” says Sofie.

De Wikke and activity farm

When visiting the Abbey, Sofie also often stops by the De Wikke farm shop. “Not only do I love the sustainable concept behind the shop, but they simply have great-tasting seasonal vegetables,” she says.

“There’s always something going on at the Abbey,” Sofie adds. “On Heritage Day, for instance, we ended up at the DOE market at the activity farm. It was the perfect outing for our daughter Jente. She played at the farm for hours. She still talks about all that hay,” laughs the young mother.

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