Leuven & beer

Discover beer capital Leuven.

Leuven on tap

You will visit a local brewery with a beer connoisseur as your guide. Afterwards, you will discover the city, the past and present of its beers, and taste local beers.

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Leuven BeerWalk

Discover the charming, located on the Dyle, city of Leuven in three hours. Learn how to taste beer with a guide who takes you along the hidden bars and forgotten microbreweries. 5 beer tastings of different beers and an official BeerWalk glass are included in the price.

Organisation: BeerWalk
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Leuven Beer Stories

Go on an exploration tour along old cafés and (former) breweries. Did people really drink that much beer here? Where have the 40 breweries gone? Why has Leuven beer become so famous? Is it true that beer was brewed with water from the Dijle river? You will find out much more about the historical and economic importance of beer and brewing for the city during this fascinating walk.

Organisation: Leuven+
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