Tourist about Park Abbey: Nelly

De schaapjes grazen op de lage beemd.

“A feeling you cannot express in photos”

Foreign tourists also like to drop by Park Abbey. Bulgarian tourist Aneliya visited the abbey site with a friend. Together, they took a walk around the ponds. “I am really overwhelmed by this site.”

We ran into Aneliya (42) – “Call me Nelly!” – on a sunny afternoon. The Bulgarian tourist was visiting Leuven, thanks to the university. “I was invited by a friend who lives here in Belgium. We took a walk through Leuven, which is where she completed her master’s degree.”

Nice walk

Nelly couldn’t hide her enthusiasm when we asked what she thought of the area. “I am extremely grateful for this wonderful walk. I was already enchanted by the nice spots in the city that Vladimira showed me. But I love nature and I am really overwhelmed by this site. Especially because it’s within walking distance from the city centre,” she adds.

De Abdij van Park met een maan bij daglicht.

“The Park Abbey beckoned to us with its colourful flowers. So, I absolutely wanted to go in and explore the site a bit. We’ve just completed a nice walk around the ponds. It’s the ideal opportunity to let your thoughts run free. The calm and tranquillity are inspirational,” she continued.

Mysticism and silence

“I’ve taken some photos, but they can’t express the feeling I got there,” Nelly explained. “This place has a soul; it’s like the abbey is wrapped in mysticism and silence. Once I’m back home, I’ll be glad that I took these pictures, so I can reminisce on the mysteriousness of this location and immerse myself in this timeless world.”

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