Locals about Park Abbey: Mano

Mano aan de ingang van Abdij van Park.

“In love with the abbey”

Mano Jai (23) got to know the abbey as a student. “In my third year I chanced upon the abbey. Suddenly I was surrounded by green splendour! I fell in love instantly.”

Mano chanced upon the abbey. “I am from Riemst, but I’ve been studying in Leuven for the past six years,” says the Applied Economics master student. “One day I simply decided to walk straight on (laughs). Suddenly I was surrounded by green splendour! I am a nature lover and fell in love instantly,” explains Mano.

According to Mano the contrast with the centre of Leuven is huge. “It is not far from the centre, and still Park Abbey is an oasis of calm. I often go running here, but also to just empty my head and reflect on things. It is very soothing. There may be bigger parks in Flanders, but this one is so close by.”

Mano became an ambassador of Park Abbey. “When people asks me what sights they should see in Leuven, I send them to the abbey. It’s a great spot, with all the natural splendour and ponds. I’ve been there for picnics as well. I haven’t tasted ‘Heverlee’ beer yet, but it is on my list!”

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