Locals about Park Abbey: Karen

De picknick van Karen, met het nog te verslinden boek.

“The idyllic place to devour a book”

Karen often takes a stack of books with her to Park Abbey. “I thinks it’s the idyllic place to devour a book. It is absolutely silent, letting you get fully immersed in the story.”

Karen Vandenbeck, 31, of Tienen often takes walks at the abbey. “Our group of friends almost always end up at the De Abdijmolen. There are eight of us and we’re all into slow reading .”

Slow reading is an activity that is organised in places like the literary café Barboek. “Our goal is to meet monthly and read quietly for an hour as a group. All you hear is the turning of pages. It’s a fantastic feeling and creates a sense of connection.”


This past summer, Karen also organised an afternoon session of slow reading among friends at the Abdij van Park. “The three of us parked ourselves next to the pond, where the ducks like to swim. It’s the idyllic place and is perfect for devouring a book.”

The experiment is definitely worth repeating. “It was pure enjoyment. The ponds are completely silent, letting you get fully absorbed in the story. But you’re never alone. A dog even visited us a few times! We’ll definitely do it again.”

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