Currently in Leuven

An overview for you of what you can currently visit and experience in Leuven. For the latest stay of play you can always go to our information desk. Through mail or Facebook Messenger or on the spot.

The level-of-overcrowdingmeter shows with colour codes how crowded it is in the streets of Leuven.

A church visit has never been so captivating

It’s amazing how many fascinating stories there are to be told about a church! Collect your activity booklet from M Leuven and explore Saint Peter’s Church with fun tasks created for the whole family. There is a booklet for children aged between four and six years, and one for those aged between seven and 99.

3D art

Put on a pair of smart 3D glasses and bring the art treasures in Saint Peter’s Church to life. It’s incredible, you can even take a seat at the table in The Last Supper by Dieric Bouts. And have you heard the city legend about Fiere Margriet? Well, she’ll give you an account of it herself.

Leuven for kids

  • Finding Mr Cuddles: Short child-friendly treasure hunts through Leuven. New, from April 3.
  • Story Hunters: Walk with typical Leuven stories, from 8 years. Free booklet available at Visit Leuven reception. 
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