5x Leuven für Studenten

Studenten – Leuven ist voll von ihnen. Du triffst diese vorübergehenden Einwohner an jeder Straßenecke der Stadt und zu jeder Tages- und Nachtzeit. Wo essen sie? Wo treffen sie sich mit Freunden? Wo kaufen sie ein? Entdecken Sie es in diesem Blog.

Dewerf is perfect for students who are on a budget but still enjoy eating out with friends. You can easily eat there for less than EUR 15. In winter you can drink a delicious chocolate milk while tucked up under a blanket and in summer you can enjoy sitting outside on the large terrace again. Fun guaranteed!

Stelplaats is the latest hotspot for young people in the city. It is new, trendy and easily accessible.

RIOT is ideal when you are craving something new to wear. It’s not expensive, you have a great deal of choice and it’s eco-friendly. It’s the latter to which we, the young people of today, have to pay close attention - and I try to do so as much as I can.

This will probably come as no surprise, but one of my favourite places of all time is the Oude Markt. When I’m on the Oude Markt, I feel at home. You can always find students on the Oude Markt throughout the week and at the weekend. During the summer months, this really is one of the best places in Leuven, especially when the Red Devils are playing and everyone is supporting them!

I am a student who can also really enjoy peace and quiet, which is why BARBÓÉK is the ideal place for me. You have a warm feeling from the moment you enter the store. They serve delicious coffee and you can wander around the store, browsing through the books. When I go to BARBÓÉK, it’s to meet up with a friend or do some work for school.

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